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Keeping a car, truck, boat, or any other type of vehicle pristine is a full-job. At Marshall Custom Upholstery and Auto Detailing, we can make things easier for you by providing you our comprehensive and well-formulated auto detailing services. Countless men and women in Marshall, TX come to us because they know that we can give their vehicles the TLC it deserves.

Classic Car Restoration

What We Offer

We specialize in interior and exterior detailing, vehicle restoration, automotive upholstery and carpeting repairs, odor removal, and more. In addition, we can work on old and worn furniture and bring back their long-lost appeal. From basic remediation jobs to full-scale detailing projects, we can do it all. Check our services page for additional information.

Why Us

Because we understand your desire the sit behind the steering wheel of a magazine quality vehicle. At Marshall Custom Upholstery and Auto Detailing, we have the expertise and technical capacity to provide you with an exceptional car detailing service that will go above and beyond your expectations. We treat each and every vehicle as if it is our own and take the necessary time to meticulously restore its worn exterior and interior features such as headliners, dash covers, door panels, carpeting, upholstery, etc. We use premium-quality products that won’t cause any discoloration, scratches, or other blemishes.

Competent Detailers

Our detailing and auto restoration service in Marshall, TX is provided to our clients by our team of skilled and consummate specialists. We have carefully selected our employees and trained them in compliance with the finest practices of the industry. Our technicians are masterful at different detailing and remediations techniques and will accommodate all your demands to their smallest details.

Book our classic car restoration service or any of our other options by calling us at the number we have given.

Client’s Testimonial

Great Work

Your car detailing service is perfect. I brought to you my automobile and you restored it to its former condition. I can once again proudly drive my car and feel good about it. Amazing work, thank you.

Marshall Custom Upholstery and Auto Detailing
Address: 800 W Grand Ave, Marshall, TX 75670
Phone: (903) 742-0966

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